Energy-Efficient Low Temperature

Shincci-USA provides the only solution for Energy Efficient, Low Temperature Sludge Treatment and Drying.  With 4 different system types to choose from, Shincci-USA can tailor custom systems to your utility/plant needs.

Waste-Heat Belt-Type Sludge Dryer

Sunstate INC Waste Heat Sludge Dryer Shincci USA

More Economical Sludge Drying Leveraging Waste-Heat

Container-Type Sludge Dryer

Sunstate Inc Container Type Sludge Dryer Shincci USA

Moveable Container-style Dryer, Simpler Small Scale Sludge Drying

Combined De-Watering & Sludge Drying

Sunstate Inc De-Watering Sludge Dryer Shincci USA

Reduce Sludge Moisture Content 99.5% (0.5% Solids) to 10% (90% Solids)

Belt-Type Sludge Dryer

Sunstate INC Belt Type Sludge Dryer Shincci USA

Innovative High-Tech Drying w/2x the Efficiency of Current Industry Standard

Sludge Processing on Wheels

See more on how we took the best Sludge De-Watering and Drying System and put it on wheels.


System Features

There are many features that make the dewatering and  Sludge Drying systems the only solution to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, reduce hauling cost, eliminate landfilling and tipping fees, and reduce sludge processing and managing cost.

There are variations available to make the best solution for your needs.

  • Efficiency
  • Moisture of sludge reduced to 10% - 50% adjustable as required. Weight is reduced by 80%.

  • Environment
  • No odor emission during the process in a closed cabinet. No need for expensive odor removal equipment.

  • Utilization
  • No heat waste during the drying process in a closed loop system. No need for high temperature heating like other open-type drying equipment.

  • Economic
  • The running cost of drying wet sludge from 83% moisture down to 30% moisture is only 180kwh/t.

Sludge Fate

7.1 Million dry tons of wastewater sludge are generated each year at 16,000 municipal wastewater treatment facilities in the U.S.  The sludge is in the form of liquid.  This yields a total of 64.5 Million Cubic Meter (52,300 acre-foot) of Liquid Sludge per year!  Where will your sludge go?

Municipal Landfill


Other Uses


Class A Fertilizer


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