SES operates several small wastewater treatment plants in the Yuma, AZ area.  Routinely sludge has to be removed.  This sludge is hauled to a landfill via a pumper truck.  Not only is it expensive, it is wasteful.

Through contact with the University of Arizona, SES became aware of a treatment that did more than dewatering (20-30% solids) but also dried sludge (80-90% solid).  The end product would then be a Class A Bio-solid and could be used as a fertilizer or as an energy source.

In January of 2017, SES President Rick Miller, traveled to China to see the units in operation.  It was very impressive.  Upon his return, the decision was made to move forward with a smaller version in the form of a mobile unit.  This unit could then be moved to various plants for demonstration purposes. A footprint was established that would fit on a custom-built enclosed trailer.  The trailer was fabricated to specifications that would perfectly fit the system that was designed for this project, complete with dewatering and dehydration.  This trailer is a triple axle gooseneck, (38’ x 8’6” and 13’4” tall) that gives full access to the equipment, by means of 6 roll-up doors around the sides of the trailer. It includes a storage area over the gooseneck hitch.

The mobile unit is now in use at one of the SES plants.  It is working well.  SES plans to use the mobile unit for pilot studies at other wastewater plants that might express an interest in the full-size machine.